Jon Pardi was in town on Friday celebrating his "Mr. Saturday Night World Tour." Missoulians had their patience tested after Pardi had to postpone the original date (November 3, 2023). The poor guy contracted COVID and had to postpone at a few locations in the West.

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But it turned into a life lesson as Jon Pardi apparently tore down Adams Center Friday night. Full disclosure, I am relaying what I heard from a few friends and folks on Facebook.

One of my friends texted me saying "oh my god, he was incredible. It sucks you weren't there."

Another one of my friends texted me saying "The night was GREAT! Too bad you missed it, loser."

Ok, I get it... I should have gone to the Pardi concert. I was busy! But I'm glad it was a great night. We asked folks to grade Jon Pardi's concert on a scale of 1-10, and we received a lot of 10s in there.

David, Brenda, Melissa, Sheryl, Elizabeth and Carey all posted 10s.

Dedicated Jon Pardi fan Kasey said "Loved the show! 4th time seeing him in less than a year. Love all his music. He definitely rocked the Adam's Center! 10+"

That is some serious dedication, Kasey. Four concerts in a year puts you in the top percentile.

Lynn wrote on Facebook "10 for sure. Will Jones was great, loved his rendition of "Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde". Darryl Worley brought the nostalgia. Jon Pardi rocks, the crowd loved him. Great vocals and crowd engagement. Would definitely see Jon Pardi again, well worth the wait!!!"

How about Darryl Worley? That is a blast from the past.

Jolene graded the Pardi concert an 8 and Mary worked the event but still gave it a 7.

Now I'm interested in the playlist. What were the songs performed by Jon Pardi? I couldn't find the setlist from Friday. The most recent setlist was February 17 in Eugene, Oregon on

  1. Last Night Lonely
  2. Mr. Saturday Night
  3. Tequila Little Time
  4. Up All Night
  5. Nobody Leaves a Girl Like That
  6. Cowboys and Plowboys
  7. Fill 'Er Up
  8. Should've Been a Cowboy (Toby Keith cover)
  9. Your Heart or Mine
  10. Neon Light Speed
  11. Longneck Way To Go (With Midland)
  12. When I've Been Drinkin'
  13. Ain't Always the Cowboy
  14. Me and Jack
  15. Cowboy Hat
  16. She Ain't In It
  17. Starlight
  18. What I Can't Put Down
  19. Beer Can't Fix (Thomas Rhett cover)
  20. Dirt on My Boots
  21. Heartache Medication
  22. Heartache on the Dance Floor
  23. Night Shift
  24. Head Over Boots

Was this playlist close to his setlist in Missoula? Let us know which songs he performed.

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